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    So I already made a couple of assets that I thought would make a nice kind of colorful user login page and so I have these two assets. They're both gradient methods measures. I created an adobe illustrator so it's going to be a resizing this down and what I could do is create a container if I want this to a digital marketing company in Noida take up the entire app screen. I can just create a color container. Go ahead remove our border and we'll get his dragon in and we'll make it a lot easier to resize and we can double click and be able to drag this to particular colors that we think would look cool. So now we're gonna need our two users.


    So let's go and get some circles. So we adapt to different users that you can log in perhaps they're husband and wife and so they'll have the app and you could have multiple users having multiple budgets depending on your family. So this could be a family-based app where you're encouraged to have the same kind of internet marketing company account and you can log in with different profiles just like Netflix where you have one account but you have different profiles and you can log in as a family and then there's also a joint area where you can kind of see joint finances. So it's kind of a really cool way for married young couples to have a simplified way to budget and work as a team. So going up to different Loggins one for the husband one for the wife or two different personas and so we're going to get a young man who's and go to downloads.


    So here are some headshots I can find out who I think would better fit kind of our user persona. We're kind of thinking of the young guy. He could be this one but he looks like he's in his s so let's grab this guy. We're gonna drop a man. I could hold down the option to keep that same size I'm going to drag and our wife right here young person was going to double click and kind of resize these headshots get a little bit closer on around the head. So right digital marketing company in Noida now I'm kind of a thin border here. Let me see if I can't make that a little bit lighter and zoom ends in a kind of see this is where I'm really going to zoom in and find out what we like so we could do a drop shadow here for these logins so I'm just highlighting both and doing a small drop shadow. We want to have our logo on the log and screen that's pretty important to have our white version and this is when you test out different things so I'm realizing oh I might need to grab one with the light green to go with this kind of.


    This is blending into the match. So let me grab my other version so I have my other version here that uses the lighter green. So that'll pop out a little better. I can also add perhaps a drop shadow to this as well. And we're going to need to have some login information. Of course, you can have their names instead of just having a digital marketing company in Noida kind of nameless people floating around here. Let's grab or type a tool we can start to define or type a little bit. So this will be we'll have to come up with fake names we'll just name him Bob. We'll just have a generic last name. Bob M and this is our ASO sans typeface which is in our character styles but we're going to have one that's also white. So let's go ahead and define our type. So let's go and grab that arrow tool bring that up now almost wonder if we can make that green you take the eyedropper to a sample or a little green color.


    And I also want to add that green is a little green right here. So just take a square tool and we're going to take the Eyedropper tool. I'm going to fill in that green. We could bring in our color this way. I need to bring in that third green color. So let's make that color asset. So there we go. Now we have three green shades to a digital marketing company in Noida work with. Let's go back to white and then maybe just make the first name Green and I'm not really liking the ASOS Sands as lower case letters. So what I'm going to do is experiment with perhaps a secondary type choice that's thinner. So maybe just go with the Helvetica just for the sake of having something really simple what's go ahead and fill out his last name. So we're gonna do a bold OK.


    We only have just bold. So I wonder if Helvetica knew how that car. Now see I have a wider amount of weight. Yes. So Helvetica new I have a little bit more different weight options so I'm going to go black and then we can go ultralight with the last name to Helvetica new do ultra-light but that's a little too thin. So let's do than see how that works. So once I'm kind of happy with that I can hold an option and drag and do hers and let's go ahead and add this to our character styles. It's going to add the character style to assets so she could add all these different weights. So it added Bob as one character style and Smith as another one.


    So I'm going to need to rename the so going to rename these really quickly so that I can be able to define which character style is which so he's able to kind of name all of my assets just to make it easier for me to remember and to recall them. So we also want to make this app as simple as possible so more designing that we're keeping that mind. So we want to let them know. Just a few other things which are this is a login screen so it makes sense that the digital marketing company in Noida click on their user profile but sometimes you just need to have a visual kind of guide for that. So we're going to shift these guys down or we can ship them up. We're going to play with spacing a little bit. We could break out our grid too so I can do command and the quotation to bring up our grid.


    I need to select my outboard first command and quotation and that'll help us or I can toggle in my responsive grid by doing a command shift in the quotation mark. So that can help us kind of size things up a little bit. I'm playing around right now with different ways of saying log in because log in that's not really for my user persona. Logging is old kind of archaic term once use something a little softer and friendly something in the lower case bold but I'm also just saying open because that's what we want to do is open the app and so we don't want to make the open app so big that they don't realize they need to click on our photo to log in. So we're gonna say I'd click on the profile to load your cost up budget screen we're going to make that a lot smaller.


    Let's do our lightweight and let's do a centerline. So I want to make sure there's lots of breathing room and white space with this. We could even have dime at the bottom. This is where we just got to experiment with what we think would look good. We could do another bar here because I really want to have some contrast digital marketing company in Noida with this design click off the border. We just have a feeling I was doing a command left bracket kind of sending it back and layering system I could play around with different colors we do our green color kind of have a bar to help separate this big open space and maybe we could have a little arrow that points down.


    So we're going to go ahead and create a little simpler an asset that's going to be the arrow. So I'm gonna get my little pen tool I'm just going to draw a simple arrow and I'm going to make that take away the border or actually do it at the border let's make it a little thicker and let's do some round edges to our little lines. So now they're nice and rounded. Let's make that we could make that any of these colors. So there's a little arrow maybe make it four instead of three or we can have it over here and be white. I'm going to rework this phrasing and then we're going to do our first animation. So stay tuned.